Million Hoodies believes that the political and cultural stage is set for a youth-led movement. Young people have increasingly become aware that mass criminalization and over policing of communities of color is breaking communities apart in light of events in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY. We feel the need and energy to change current cultural and political conditions around policing and mass criminalization, and win against the prison industrial complex. 

Million Hoodies believes that a powerful national network of local movements working in solidarity with one another, transforming their communities is essential to shifting the social and cultural conditions that continue to tear a part Black and Brown families. 


Our Action Network members believe that Million Hoodies is a platform for enabling communities to engage in a movement to attain tangible social change.   

Our national Demilitarize Police campaign is an effort to decriminalize Black and Brown communities and to change policing practices in the United States that continue to disproportionately affect communities of color through zero tolerance policing, racial profiling, and the use of excessive force. These practices are consequences from the War on Drugs and War on Terrorism which equipped local and campus police departments in the U.S. with weapons of war in the name of safety and security for all. 


Last year, Million Hoodies launched an online media platform called Frequency to share stories from our members, aggregate news and resources, and feature a variety of multimedia. We are in a position to elevate the work of our Action Network members and help shape the cultural conditions around a movement for racial justice and police accountability.


Last year, Million Hoodies introduced a new leadership development training program, Power Summit, a two-day workshop for local high school and college students to strategize and design action plans to work on police accountability and mass criminalization campaigns. Our goal is to provide the next generation of local activists with the skills, tools, and networks to design campaigns for transformative change in their communities.