Justice for Ferguson and Beyond

Million Hoodies staffers and members have worked tirelessly to support the local organizing efforts in New York, NY and Ferguson, MO in the aftermath of the murders of Eric Garner in July and Mike Brown in August, two unarmed Black people killed by the police.

We’ve put together a round-up of important analyses on police violence and a summary of our latest activities to shift the narrative from criminalizing young people of color.

 Read our statements about the killings of Eric Garner and Mike Brown:

  • About the killing of Eric Garner
  • About the killing of Mike Brown

In July, our members joined the National Action Network in an effort to mobilize and rally behind a call to demand a thorough investigation into Eric Garner’s death. Following the rally, our staffers organized a Twitter town hall with over 14 of our local and national partners including Communities United for Police Reform, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Youth Project 100, 18 Million Rising, and more around the murders of Renisha McBride and Eric Garner, policing and surveillance, and technology.